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Top Sales Management Systems To Help Your Team Sell Smarter

A successful sales management system can improve teamwork, reduce administrative tasks, and help you hit your sales targets. Let’s take a look at the top five CRM platforms on the market.


Keap is a fully integrated CRM for companies looking for a sophisticated sales management system. This platform is useful for keeping track of everyday activities, streamlining consumer communication, and attracting new leads. Keap has a powerful campaign builder that allows you to delegate tasks and send emails in response to particular client activities.

For lead management, Keap also has a drag-and-drop interface. This simplifies web page design and makes ad campaigns more manageable. Keap has a variety of plans for various types of companies. The Grow plan, which includes a strong CRM and email marketing software, is ideal for small companies. Larger companies can look at the Keap Pro plan, which has more sophisticated methods for handling big accounts.


Insightly is a CRM that is primarily designed to help you handle all of your client relationships. All of the sales data is stored in one location with this tool. You can conveniently keep track of all client communications, monitor employee performance, and delegate assignments to your staff.

Its reporting dashboard helps you to easily gain insight into your business metrics. Insightly can be used for administrative tasks, email campaigns, project management, reporting, and a variety of other tasks.


Nimble is a sales management platform that integrates a variety of tools. This user-friendly interface centralizes all your applications and makes it easy to handle your clients and sales. This platform also allows you to link your Google and Outlook emails and calendars. The sales management software has a useful “Today” tab where you can keep track of your pipeline, calendar, and tasks.

With Nimble’s deal forecasting and pipeline analytics, you can stay on top of your goals. To test Nimble before committing to a complete schedule, sign up for a 14-day free trial. Paid contracts include the intelligent CRM and integrations you’ll need to keep track of your sales staff and meet or surpass your goals.


Teamgate is a popular and easy-to-use CRM. This is a perfect choice for a sales team that has never used a CRM before. Teamgate was created to help salespeople communicate more effectively. It gives you data-driven insights and keeps track of current sales processes so you’re always updated.

Slack, MailChimp, Zendesk, Outlook, Google, and other office applications can all be easily integrated with the software. Teamgate offers Starter, Professional, and Enterprise plans. Schedule a demo of the platform before you subscribe to one of their plans.