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The Secret to Finding the Cheapest Flights

Looking for the cheapest flight to any destination can be overwhelming and tiresome. Below are some tips to help make this task easier for you:

Choose Budget Airlines

Compared to full-service airlines, budget airlines offer much cheaper tickets. Of course, there are drawbacks like less legroom and the absence of free food/drinks on board. But the cost savings make traveling on these airlines worth it. Some of the best budget airlines in the US are Frontier, Sun Country Airlines, Southwest, WOW Air, Allegiant Air, and Spirit Air.

Keep Your Flight Searches Private

Due to the cookies in your browser, repeated searches on a flight search engine for a particular route cause the ticket fares to increase. A simple solution to keep this from happening is to search for flights in private or incognito browsing mode. Close the incognito window and open another one every time you start a new flight search to reset your cookies.

Determine the Cheapest Day to Travel

Flights are typically cheaper on a weekday, but there’s no such hard and fast rule. The best way to identify the cheapest day to fly out is to check the whole month’s fares.

Use Credit Card Points

Using credit card points is an excellent way to save on flights—you can even get free tickets! If you don’t have a credit card, consider signing up for a travel rewards credit card. You could get an airline rewards credit card, which helps you earn rewards with a specific airline, or a general travel rewards card that lets you redeem points with various airlines.

Book Your Tickets at The Earliest Possible

Booking closer to your travel date is going to cost more. If you know when and where you’re flying, book your flight in advance to cut your expenses.

Look for Airline Errors and Sale Fares

Sometimes airlines post wrong fares, leading to heavily discounted tickets. Such discrepancies can occur due to technical glitches, human error, or incorrect currency conversions. Either way, you can save yourself big bucks if you’re in the know about such mishaps.

Also, consider hidden city ticketing, booking yourself connecting flights for less, and using good flight search engines to get the cheapest flight.