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8 Inflammation-Triggering Foods that People with Arthritis Should Avoid

Inflammation is a typical characteristic of every type of arthritis. But watching one’s diet can help keep this condition in check. Here are eight inflammation-triggering foods that people with arthritis should avoid


Casein in dairy can lead to inflammation, so limiting the dairy products one consumes can help reduce inflammation in the joints.

Alcohol and Tobacco

Apart from being really detrimental to the body in general, tobacco and alcohol are linked to specific types of arthritis—smoking to rheumatoid arthritis and alcohol to gout (a form of inflammatory arthritis).


Manufacturers Add Substances Like Aspartame, Salt, and Monosodium Glutamate (msg) to Packaged Food to Help Preserve It and Improve Its Taste. However, These Additives Are Likely to Cause Increased Inflammation. So, Try Avoiding Diet Sodas, Processed Foods, and Other Convenience Products.


Too much sugar in the body can increase inflammation. So, consider cutting out pastries, soft drinks, and candy and eat fruits and berries instead.


The body converts all the carbohydrates from food into energy. However, carbohydrates from high-glycemic foods like white rice, bread, potatoes, and crackers are different. If not used for heavy-duty physical activities like running a marathon, they stay in the body and may lead to inflammation, weight gain, and other chronic conditions.

Advanced Glycation End (AGE) Products

The body produces toxins called AGEs when food is fried or grilled, or cooked at high temperatures. This also applies to pasteurized foods. AGEs damage the proteins in the body, triggering the immune system to release cytokines. Cytokines, which kill AGEs, also cause inflammation.

Fatty Foods

Not all fats are bad for the body—people need good fats like those found in olive oil, nuts, and avocados to protect the heart and maintain other bodily functions. However, items like donuts, fast foods, processed foods, fried foods, and the like contain trans fats, which lead to inflammation. It’s best to limit the consumption of processed fatty foods to ease the symptoms of arthritis.


People with arthritis should consider avoiding foods made using barley, wheat, and rye. These contain gluten, which causes joint inflammation.

Replace these inflammation-triggering foods with plant-based proteins and anti-inflammatory fruits and vegetables.