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Top Internet Plan Service Providers for the Year

Looking to change your internet service provider soon? We’ve compared the top plans available right now and listed the best ones.


One of the best parts about Xfinity is that it covers pretty much most of the country with reliable fast internet. The service provider also offers competitive rates. Your prices, of course, may vary based on where you stay, but you can expect to pay less than you would for a similar plan offered by a different ISP.

Verizon Fios Home Internet

If you have access to fiber internet, we suggest you get it. And, the Verizon Fios Home internet offers you plenty of reasons to choose it over any other provider or plan. A few benefits of this plan include excellent customer service and fast download speeds. The only downside is that Verizon Fios Home Internet is available mostly only on the East Coast, but given its excellent reputation, we hope it expands its coverage area soon.


We really like CenturyLink, thanks to the Price for Life guarantee it provides with all its DSL plans. Yes! The company says your monthly bill will remain fixed for as long as you are a customer of CenturyLink. The service provider offers the best of both worlds – decent internet connectivity and affordable prices that won’t shoot through the roof in a few years. What more could you want?


Given that AT&T owns AT&T NOW and DIRECTV, AT&T is the best choice for consumers who like bundling. The best part is that the internet service provider upgrades your data limit to unlimited data when you opt for bundling, and also lowers your per month cost.


Cable internet and DSL are usually what we recommend. But, in rural areas where such internet connectivity is hard to come by, satellite internet can really help. And, Viasat currently offers some of the fastest satellite internet speeds, with the best data caps. While you may not get blazing quick download speeds, this ISP is a great choice.