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The Best New Phones for the Year

Buying a new smartphone is no longer an easy task. With the number of smartphone models that are released every month by manufacturers, finding one that suits your requirements and budget can be difficult. That’s why we’ve done the research for you and listed the top new smartphones here.

Apple iPhone SE

Apple iPhone SE is a petite smartphone that offers no-compromise performance. The best part is that it is priced affordable, given that it costs hundreds of dollars less than other iPhones. The pros are that it is affordable, small (making it easy to handle and hold), and offers super-fast performance.

Google Pixel 4

The Google Pixel 4 offers powerful hardware, innovative software that can actually make your life a lot easier, and top-notch cameras. What we love about this smartphone are its attractive design, class-leading cameras, 90Hz display, and the live caption and recorder. We, however, wish this model had more storage options and that the battery life was slightly better.

Samsung Galaxy S10e

This one has the best overall price, size, and performance for a flagship smartphone today. It has amazing screen clarity and color, an industry-leading modem and processor, a headphone jack, a wide-angle camera, and is just the right size for most people. The only downside is that the low-light camera performance is a tad bit lacking, especially compared to the Google Pixel 3. The fingerprint sensor could also be a lot more accurate.

Apple iPhone 12 Mini

The iPhone 12 mini offers pretty much the best price-to-power ratio, brings top-notch features to a compact smartphone that will easily fit into smaller hands. Its performance and battery life are pretty noteworthy.

Alcatel Go Flip 3

This is a feature phone that’s been worth the wait. It has just enough smart features to make it easy to use. It has excellent reception, HD calling capabilities, offers the best smartphone features in a flip form design, and allows you to dictate words, which frees you from having to type. The cameras, however, are not the best.